I play favorites. There, I said it. I have a lot of favorite products and I have a big mouth. Put the two together and yes – you are likely to hear about some of my most loved finds and I absolutely am going to do you a solid by sharing these with you. If you happen to purchase an item that I have shared through Amazon – you will be supporting SOulFresh as the site is monetized through the use of affiliate partnerships. Plus, you will have something new and awesome and who doesn’t want new and awesome?

Like I said, I have a big mouth too. So yes, I like to share my opinion on products/companies/theweather….everything. If by chance I was provided with a product for the sole purpose of sharing a review – be assured that I will share my FOR REAL unbiased opinion with my readers.

Thank you for stopping by – if you have any questions regarding either policy, please contact me at [email protected]