So it’s not quite summertime – but let’s be real…I live in Florida and 90% of the time, it feels like it’s summer. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to cookout. There is nothing like the smell of a charcoal grill, covered in tofurkey dogs, portabellas, eggplant or good old corn on the cob. Pair that with blue skies and my favorite people – and I don’t care if it is February…it’s summer to me! Refresh your cookout menu with summer-y veggies and fun pasta covered in poppyseed dressing – chilled to perfection.

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam – in under 30 minutes with just 5 ingredients!

Decadent. Divine. Luxurious. Just a couple of words that come to mind when describing how perfect this Raspberry Chia Jam is. I have had this recipe pinned for quite some time, and I just needed the perfect rainy day and a good sale on raspberries to kick me into gear. I wish I hadn’t waited!

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Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have imagined NOT eating bacon. I lived for bacon. One of my favorite parts of going on a cruise was knowing I could have bacon – that I didn’t have to cook – every morning if I so choose. On Mother’s Day, my birthday or any other day I could talk him into it – I would request that my husband make me breakfast in bed, with bacon. It almost didn’t matter what else was on the plate, as long as there was bacon. The strange thing for me is – on this journey to a vegan diet, bacon was one of the easiest things for me to give up. In fact, the day I proclaimed I was never eating meat again, was never planned and was completely spontaneous. Had I thought about it ahead of time, I probably would have scheduled in a full on bacon day – just to stuff myself to the point of never wanting to look at it again. But – the world works in mysterious ways, and that day, as I sat on the couch feeling stuffed after eating a greasy chicken sandwich from the MoJo Grill, and watching Vegucated…I just said – that’s it. I am done with meat. Bacon included. (And my body thanks me for avoiding that bacon day).

One of my favorite pastimes is cooking out. How is that for a passion? There is something so memorable about the smell of a charcoal grill – that it just makes me instahappy whenever I am around it. In fact, my husband would probably prefer a nice gas grill – but guess what, we bought him a grill for his birthday and as such, it was a charcoal one. Yes, I may be a touch selfish.

Deliciously Crumbly Vegan Corn Muffins

Football is back and even though it is still high 90’s here in Florida, Football = Fall. And Fall = comfort food heaven. While some will Pumpkin Spice the heck out of everything, (and yes, I will eventually break down and pumpkin it up) I look forward to baking stuffing, even when its not Thanksgiving, anything in the crockpot where it can spend all day, and corn muffins, Nothing says fall like Deliciously Crumbly Corn Muffins, especially with a touch of Earth Balance Buttery Spread.

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