About Me

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog – SOul Fresh! My name is Jen and I recently began blogging as a way to journal some of my recent experiences with all things photography and food. I have been a long time photography addict and love to share my experiences as I continue to learn and develop my craft.

Over this past year I have begun to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This change has been such a journey as it started as a 2 week trial to test the vegan diet as an alternative to my normal diet which had begun to make me feel sick. After the trial period I became so much more interested in the vegan lifestyle as a whole, versus just a change in diet. When I began to learn about the food industry and could feel and see a change in myself – I decided to continue to pursue how to incorporate more vegan options into my life.

I am a married mom of three teenagers, three doggies and three turtles – yes, our house is a little crazy at times! When I am not working, snapping pics of everything or cooking – I love to watch football (college and NFL!), spend time at the beach, go for long bike rides and listen to great music! Thanks for visiting – enjoy!