7 Layer Dip – Cinco de Mayo!

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Are you ready to celebrate? Prepare for Cinco de Mayo with this tasty 7 Layer Dip! I’ll admit – I have been holding on to this recipe since making it for the Super Bowl…yikes it has been a long time!

I feel like I am always trying to play catch up – even on days where I carve out time to sit and put together blog posts, something else always comes up. I am really struggling with finding a balance between blogging and real life.

This past week we moved our oldest daughter back home from out of state, went to the Orlando Earth Day Festival, spent a day exploring new bike trails along the gulf coast, celebrated the Buc’s first round pick at the stadium draft party and celebrated Bowser’s 11th birthday!

Of course we celebrated with vegan peanut butter and molasses cupcakes – a favorite of the pups. It’s funny that dogs are much like people in that they enjoy the birthday treats as guests, just as much as they do the birthday boy or girl. We made a dozen of the cupcakes and let them each have one a day – so for four very special days, the pups were on their best behavior waiting to get those treats.

I have to shoutout Sunsella, because their adorable Silicone Baking Cups brightened up the cupcakes for sure! I received a set of their Baking Cups to review, and they are for sure – one of my favorites! The cups come in 6 different vibrant colors, and are standard size – fitting perfectly in your typical muffin pan. In fact – they are so pretty, it’s kind of hard not to just take photos of them all day.

I was a little hesitant when I first received them – I thought they might be too small, and difficult to clean. Neither are the case. They are pretty similar to the paper liners in size, and they were so easy to clean – it actually takes less time to clean all 12 cups and the pan, versus the pan alone.

I definitely recommend that you add these to your kitchen essentials!

IMAG4013 The best part is that we were able to celebrate 11 years with Bowser! After suffering from his stroke, he has been on his new medicine for a couple of weeks now and it is making such a difference. He has made a complete turnaround and not only can he walk again, but he has even started to run a little bit here and there. Now, of course he’s still a pug so…not too much running :)

We are also working on his diet. He definitely would not mind eating all day long – so we are being better about putting the food dish up during the day and only serving breakfast and lunch. This, along with his nightly exercise is doing wonders for him and even though he has lost almost all of his site and most of his hearing – he almost seems happier now than he was before.

OK – back to the 7 Layer Dip…I know that’s why you are here! So – I came across this recipe on SimplyVeganlicious ‘s instagram back during football season. I was SOLD. I didn’t make a single change to her recipe – and it was perfect! I was glad I could do her recipe justice, to be honest. If you haven’t checked out Andrea’s blog – jump on over! She has some of the most creative dishes, and her photography is stunning as well.

Want to make the dip? Find her recipe here !

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Share your favorite recipes – I’d love to hear!

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