Adeline Skin Care

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I had the opportunity to review 3 Adeline skin care products, including: , and the , with the sole purpose of sharing my unbiased opinion. For more information – visit my FAQ .

Overall Purchasing Experience: A+
I always love when I can find a product on Amazon because I think that it just immediately makes the purchase experience better than other retailers right from the start. The same applies here. I ordered all three Adeline products and received the product super quickly through Prime shipping, in just 2 days.

Product Packaging and First Impression: A+
The packaging was good, with each bottle arriving in a smaller box. The bottles are nice – good quality material with the pumps on each functioning as expected. The labeling and overall appearance gives the product a classy look, and I enjoyed using them daily.

Product Review: A
I am very blessed to come from a long line of women in my family who are all quite youthful in their appearance. Much to my children’s chagrin, most people are shocked to know that I have a 19, 16 and 14 year old – or that I am bordering 38 years old. I love the fact that my skin is still fairly youthful – and that I am not knee deep in researching or trying everything under the sun to battle wrinkles.

Having said that – I was eager to try a new skin care line as the years are passing quickly and it never hurts to be prepared or to be proactive. I was truly impressed by all 3 of these products, and would highly recommend that they be used in unison. The goes on smoothly and leaves your skin feeling tighter, clearer and refreshed. There were times before I added the into the mix that my skin felt a touch dry, but that would be expected with this type of treatment. Once I added in the moisturizer – it was the perfect balance that my skin was craving. I also want to share that, even at 37 – I still fall victim to acne breakouts. My skin has never been clearer since using all 3 of these products! Even if I never produce a wrinkle, I would still use Adeline because my skin is super clear!

My favorite product of the 3 is the . I am so not a morning person and often wake up groggy with bags under my eyes and my hair standing on end. No – this doesn’t fix bed head, but it does fix bags…and awesome-ly at that. You can feel a slight tingle as soon as you apply the and immediately you are assured that it is indeed working. But besides the tingle you can feel a tightness and see the bags begin to disappear. Like magic!

Customer Service: B-
When I first ordered the products, I had done a quick google search on the ingredients. I felt comfortable that there were no animal products used in the making of the Adeline skin care, but I wanted to be certain. I sent a quick email to the company and they replied back stating that their products are never tested on animals (great!) and that they were pretty certain that the ingredients were not animal based. I would have appreciated a firm yes/no or let me find out – versus a “pretty certain”.

Would I recommend? Yes
I had a great experience with the 3 products being used together and would recommend doing the same.

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