Lovely Lashes – Eyelash Curler Product Review

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I recently received Lovely Lashes in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. For more information – please visit my FAQ .

So I have to admit that I was secretly excited to try out Lovely Lashes – probably moreso than I should have been. The thing is, my eyelashes are naturally short and thin…pretty much the opposite of what most women ideally want. I have tried a handful of things from other eyelash curlers, to fancy and expensive mascaras, to fake lashes…who has time for fake lashes? Not me!

My go to method of gaining lashes was a combination of curling, applying mascara, curling again (and either losing lashes or having my lashes get stuck to the curler – ouch!) and applying more mascara. It was definitely not ideal and I probably did more harm to my lashes than good.

Overall Purchasing Experience: A+
I always love when I can find a product on Amazon because I think that it just immediately makes the purchase experience better than other retailers right from the start. The same applies here. I ordered and received the product super quickly through Prime shipping, in just 2 days.

Product Packaging and First Impression: A
The packaging is just as pictured above – brightly colored and attention grabbing.The package reminds me of a typical package you might find on the shelves at Target or CVS. What makes this an A for me is that upon opening the product, I could immediately see and feel the difference between this curler set vs the run of the mill curler you pick up for 3 or 4 bucks. The curler itself feels sleek and smooth and has some weight to it that suggests to me that it is a quality craftsmanship.

Product Review: A
Like I said, I was very excited to try this out and had high hopes for what difference it could make to my lash game. I read some reviews on Amazon that indicated the curler was too large or caused pinching – but I did not experience any of this. The hinging was smooth and the silicon padding worked wonderfully – preventing my lashes from sticking to it at all. The curl is natural and the overall shape and size fit my eyelashes to a T. Of course, I cannot say this would be true for all and maybe this is where some of the mixed feedback comes in – but for me – it was just right.

Customer Service: NA
There was no need for me to engage customer service – everything was shipped/received/worked as expected.

Would I recommend? Yes
For $11.75 with free Prime shipping, I think this will make a great addition to your beauty routine!

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